This course emphasizes defining personal values, goal-setting and planning, solving problems, evaluating information, media. peer pressure, communication, relationships, decision making, wellness and personal safety, and contributing to your community.

There are no defined TEK Standards for Life Skills, however, the course content aligns with National Guidelines and either meets or exceeds those objectives.

Nutrition and Wellness

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This half-credit, one semester course will introduce the student to an overview of good nutrition principles that are needed for effective and healthy physical and mental wellness. Discussion of digestion, basic nutrients, weight management, sports and fitness, and life-span nutrition is included. Application to today's food and eating trends, plus learning to assess for reliable nutrition information is emphasized. 

Although there are no defined TEKS for Nutrition and Wellness, course content is aligned with National Guidelines and either meets or exceeds those standards.

Course Description:

Physical Education is a semester long course that is designed to monitor a student's physical fitness program. This is a self-study program and students choose not less than four different activities throughout the year to participate in. Students and mentors keep a log of student activities that is turned in to the instructor each month for inclusion in their permanent record.

Activities students choose from include (but are not limited to): football, basketball, tennis, bowling, swimming, jogging, aerobics, martial arts training and bicycling. At least 2 team sports are required to be chosen. Other activities are reviewed on an individual basis, if requested.

Although there are no defined TEKS for Physical Education, course content is aligned with National Standards and either meets or exceed those guidelines.


This course will help students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions that allow them to stay active, safe and informed. The lessons and activities are designed to introduce the student to important aspects of the main types of health: emotional and mental, social and consumer, and physical. Among other topics, students will explore nutrition, understanding and avoiding disease, first aid and CPR, and human sexuality. Students will find out about the components of a healthy lifestyle and ways to approach making healthy choices and decisions.


Course content is also aligned to TEKS: 

§111.53. Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics   (One-Half to One Credit).

(a)  General requirements. Students can be awarded   one-half to one credit for successful completion of this course. Recommended   prerequisites: Algebra II, Geometry.

(b)  Content requirements. Content requirements   for Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics are prescribed in the College Board Publication   Advanced Placement Course Description: Statistics, published by The College   Board. This publication may be obtained from the College Board Advanced Placement   Program.

Source: The provisions of this §111.53 adopted to be effective   September 1, 1998, 22 TexReg 7623.